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Zeff and ionization energies

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    Hey guys, Im having trouble understanding/explaining some of the trends in ionization energy with calculated Zeff by slaters rules.
    For example I was asked why is the 3rd ionization energy for Be greater then the 3rd ionization energy for O

    My train of thought was to say its pulling an electron from a complete shell in Be (1s2) vs. pulling an electron from the 2p orbital....but how do I explain this with Zeff?

    -Zeff of the 1s electron of Be2+ is=4-(1 x 0.35)=3.65
    -Zeff of the 2p electron of O2+ is=8-(2 x .85)-(3 x 0.35)=5.25

    so the p electron in the O still has a higher Zeff and wouldnt that mean its held tighter to the nucleus and more difficult to remove?

    What am I missing here?
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