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Zeilinger interpretation of QM

  1. Dec 1, 2006 #1
    I read thesis of Brukner
    and shortened article of Brukner and Zeilinger
    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/quant-ph/pdf/0212/0212084.pdf [Broken]

    This is new very promising interpretation of quantum mechanics. It also gives Weizs. explanation of 3 space dimensions.

    I please for some clarifications of this article:
    1. Before formula (34) it is written »Now let the system evolve in time…« But why it is neccessary that system evolves in time? Why it evolves by formula (35)? Including prior derivation in article, this is not neccessary and it is not neccessary that system evolves in time. It can stay up standstill, or it can evolves accidentaly, condition is only that lenght of i is constant. Schrodinger's equation gives that this vector evolves in time, but Schrodinger equation should consequence be of this derivation. I do not understand this explanation.
    2. In main example electron spin carry one Qubit. So I expect that constant measurements preserves this one Qubit. How can I imagine this? Is OK to imagine one series of Stern-Gerlach apparatus, where all apparatus measure spin of one electron in the same or different directions and impact on direction of electron is very small?
    3 It is written that we need 3 complementary propositions for 2 dimensional Hilbert space. So measurement of x and px (x location in momentum in x direction). Or measurement of x cannot be described in two dimensional Hilbert space?
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