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Zeitgeist movie/documentary mixing facts with fiction

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    Ok, so there's this movie, called Zeitgeist. It's an online documentary that mixes facts with made-up things, and proclaims some pretty crazy stuff. It makes the average person sick, angry, and feel goosebumps. As far as I have inquired, I've seen no, big, debunking website against Zeitgeist.

    For free download and viewing here:

    How does it stack up in your mind? What is true and what is not, and what is questionable, and what biases may you be heading for or against?
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    I've seen it. It is very convincing. If you do not check the facts behind it. The first part of the documentary deals with a specific religious prophet. The second part is a common conspiracy theory that has been thoroughly debunked by BBC (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ylwz3EqpgcU&mode=related&search=). The third part is....also a conspiracy theory.

    It is obviously correct to say that mythologies evolve. There are striking resemblance between mythologies all over the world and some of it does indeed come from early pagan and nature religions. Some of the claims are flat out wrong. Some of the characteristics attributed to Horus are also sketchy at best as well as the movement of the three stars.


    It is correct that no extra texts besides the religious text of the prophet mentions him or his miracles. The only ones that comes close mentions the C word, but that just means 'the anointed one' and could have been added by later followers of C.

    I do not know enough to make a statement of the third part, but I suspect that it is equally biased. There are, in fact, a US law on income tax.
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    Re: Zeitgeist


    The video has been taken off, i was wondering if there was another way of getting it or maybe if you could summarise the points against zeitgest for the last parts. I have been getting very annoyed at the public's focus on only the first part as if religion is what we should all be worried about when zeitgeist claims the essense of our freedom and who we are allowed to be is at stake.

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    Re: Zeitgeist

    @ vkatrinar
    search zeitgeist full movie on youtube and you'll find it.

    Zeitgeist movement is not against religion but against the way it's being used to manipulate people, you can read that in their forums. And what they said is not a conspiracy theory type, you just need to dig lower in the internet to get the facts, to mention a well known media is not a good source for most of the time the information is usually filtered.

    I also like the way they proclaim that tech could be our savior, something people here in PF should be really interested in.
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