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ZEMAX , optimize non-sequential optical systems

  1. Jun 5, 2013 #1
    hello ;
    I am working on beam homogenization of stack laser array . this stack laser consisting of 4 diode laser bars .
    to homogenize the beam pattern to a flat top profile, i use an optical waveguide .it is established for both one-dimensional and two-dimensional homogenization of diode laser bars and stacks. The waveguide consists of a brick shaped glass block with parallel side walls. The side walls as well as the entrance and exit surfaces are polished. Inside the waveguide the light is guided by total internal.
    The far field intensity distribution is segmented and overlaid spatially by each reflection at the waveguide’s side walls. Thereby, the near field distribution at the waveguide’s end surfaces becomes a tophat with a flat plateau and steep edges.
    in the diode laser stack , the fast axis offers a defined Gaussian distribution; usually the slow axis distribution is homogenized and thereby transformed to a top hat distribution.
    The homogenization system is modeling on ZEMAX ray tracing software that operates in a nonsequential mode.
    My question is: how to optimize (Define a merit function) the length of waveguide and the position of the detector in the exit of the waveguide to obtain a good spatial uniformity of the laser beam.

    any suggestions will be helpful
    thank you
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