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Zener circuit help

  1. Mar 29, 2004 #1
    This is what i have so far the knowns
    Vs= 50v
    Vz = 10 v
    Iz = 32mA
    R1 = 1K ohm
    Rl =? "potentmeter"

    i just got the multisim program and could draw the cir if need be

    R1 is in series with the source and the zener and rl are in parallel

    it wants me to determine the range of Rl, Il, Vrl

    I havew so far is 50 /1K = 50mA
    Vrl = 10 v
    I l = 50mA-32 mA = 18 mA
    Rl = 556 ohms

    is this correct and how would i go about finding the range of Rl

    thanks joe
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    To be certain, I need you to draw it.
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    thanks i found a pretty good example in an old text i had

    thanks again

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