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Zener diode characteristics

  1. Jun 20, 2010 #1
    what are the differences between Zener diode and pn junction diode characteristics CURVE?

    the breakdown process is easier in terms of breakdown voltage for zener diode.
    as, it is highly doped.
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  3. Jun 21, 2010 #2
    the only answer I suspect that zener diode breakdown voltage(value) should be shown (according to specification).
    but pn junction breakdown voltage will obviously be much higher.

    hope for better answer.
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    One tip -- you can look at the bottom of the page below, and see Related Threads that have discussed Zener diodes recently here. Click through those threads -- I think you will see some answers to your questions. :smile:
  5. Jun 23, 2010 #4
    I could not get anything there related to Zener diode.
    my fault.
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    No, no, not your fault. I thought that a thread that I remembered would be down in that list, but I see now that it does not have the word "Zener" in the thread title, so it would not show up in that list below. This is the thread I was thinking of:


    It discusses Zener breakdown voltage versus doping levels, and there is a link provided to a pretty good information source about Zener diodes. Hope that helps.
  7. Jun 24, 2010 #6
    thank you very much.
    I got a pretty good answer there.
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