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Zener doide

  1. Oct 28, 2013 #1
    I don't know how can i find the Iz and Is.


    The zener voltage VZ = 7.2V, with the condition that the zener current 77mA ≤ iZ ≤ 1A
    load resistance RL = 10Ω.
    What is resistance RS when load voltage VL is regulated to 7.2V while the input voltage Vin varies by ±10% from its nominal value of 12V. Also check that the zener current iZ is larger than 77mA at lowest input voltage Vin .
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    Redraw the circuit for Vin = 12V - 10%, this time marking on every parameter you know. Post that labelled schematic.
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    Is this HW?
    IL = Vz/RL
    Is = Iz +IL
    Rs = (Vin - Vz)/Is

    George H.
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