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Zero and infinity - revised

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    Another viewpoint:

    "Zero and infinity are both symmetry states. Every change (that is arithmetical operation) leaves them essentially unchanged. 50 times zero is zero. Likewise 50 times infinity is still infinity."

    So if ((like I assume)) mathematics is essential for modeling physical world - how does the above deal with entropy?

    Or are these (zero and infinity) some kind of a singularities (two kinds of it) in a physical sense?

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    I realise that this may sound a bit rude, so I beg your pardon in advance. But do you know what you are talking about?
    Basically, it looks to me like you threw some "hot" words like "mathematics", "entropy" and "infinity" into a post and ask if it makes sense.

    What does infinity (which is not a number, by the way) have to do with physics?
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