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Zero Point Energy

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    We will find that The Zero Point Field is as multifacited as the quantum model of an atom... Were moving into even smaller parts of our making, parts thats dont react to heat or cold or light. Were breaking down the very paint of which the portrait of our universe is made... We should not assume that what we know is the highest order of energy nor should we assume that we will ever see the lowest point of energy. Is ZPE the fourth dimension that our 3 dimensional world floats on top of? Can the Casimir effect and harmonic oscillation show us the way to tap energy from the vacum? Will the gravitational properties of ZPE allow for gravity drive engines that will revolutionize space travel? Will SED or ZPF rule as the unified theory?
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    This is all speculation. What is the intention of your post ?

    This topic of ZPE has been extensively covered here

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