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Zero Point Equations.

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    Zero Point being where the Gravitational forces cancel out, creating no gravitational push.

    [tex]M_1 \geq M_2[/tex]

    [tex]G_Z_p=\frac {1}{\frac {M_1}{M_2}}[/tex]

    [tex]R_g_Z_p=\frac {M_2}{M_1}-\frac{M_1}{M_2}[/tex]

    Where [tex]G_Z_p[/tex] is Gravitational Zero Point, [tex]R_g_Z_p[/tex] is Reverse Graviataional Zero Point, [tex]d[/tex] is distance between the two bodies, and [tex]M[/tex] is the mass.
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    Whenever I say [tex]a \geq b[/tex], usually I am talking in the point of view of a.

    These equations are in the point of view of b. So if GZp is 5, then it means that it is 5 away from b.
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