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Zero rotational inertia

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    Let's say that something is spinning and it spins in a certian direction. The object has rotational inertia. Now say that the object has no inertia. How many times will the object change its direction of rotation in under a second?
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    I am not understsnding yous question.whenever there is mass there is inertia.I think you can't think of object without inertia.
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    A point mass would have no rotational inertia. However, spinning of a point is not very well defined.
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    Doc Al

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    I don't understand the point of this (and most of the questions you've posted here). They usually start with a half-described situtation, then you ask what amounts to "what would happen if what we know about physics (or reality) wasn't true?". It's hard to tell if you are serious or just goofing around; if serious, what kind of answer are you expecting?

    In this particular case, assuming the object has no inertia is not physically meaningful.
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    How can the spinning of a point which has no dimension be defined.
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    It is not.

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