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Zero zero?

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    Is zero anything or something then zero shouldn't be there?
    For a nothing number it still causes us lot of trouble. Any takers?

    I read a theory on the zero which kinda made sense.
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    Zero is the number that, when added to any other number, leaves that other number unchanged.

    I'm not really sure what your question is...
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    it's also what you have when you have one apple, and then someone takes it away.
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    Zero also represents an empty digit in numbers that are more than a single digit
    Can u tell us about it please ?
    Thanks !
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    If zero causes us alot of trouble, then it would cause us far more trouble if it wasn't here. Alot of mathematical concepts are dependent on a meaningful figure called zero. Calculus, far example....
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    Zero is the additive identity. If it was not there then how could you define the negative numbers (as opposed to being the additive inverse of positive numbers)?
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    :wink: Just thought I'd ask. This theory I read was several years ago, but it stuck out as being odd to me. Thanks.
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