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Zeta function = vacuum Background?

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    I haven't read that article,but i'm sure it's okay.I can tell u for sure that there is no wonder to the fact that Riemann's zeta function is involved in QFT.Actually a good method of renormalization of field theories is based upon a very ingenious generalization of the Riemann's zeta function.I would infer to the book by Pierre Ramond:"Field Theory:A Modern Primer" (2nd edition,1989) where there is chapter dedicated to zeta Riemann function renormalization procedure.

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    Many thanks, I have not heard of the 'renorm' procedure due to Zeta--Riemann, although I have worked out that for any increasing ensemble of numbers, there is a corresponding factor of representative zero, normalization?

    This:http://homepage.ntlworld.com/paul.valletta/PRIME GRIDS.htm
    is a poor example of a Grid background for Entropic Ensembles, where the increasing Zero's are "Space-Vacuum" oriented, and Prime numbers are decreasing WRT Matter.

    This is idea was independant , and was put put some years ago.

    P.S I have just bought a number of books, and one by Karl Sabbagh:Dr Riemann's Zeros, will hopefully help me to a greater understanding, thanks again.
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