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Zicam: Zinc based cold remedy

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    Surprised I only found a couple of messages about Zicam, the Zinc based "cold remedy".


    The idea is that the zinc shortens the life of the cold virus. They don't make any claims like a "cure for the common cold".
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    Re: No talk about Zicam?

    Hmm, I always thought it was a "homeopathic" remedy. After reading more, I see that you're right... it's just a zinc "vitamin" pill. My favorite thing is this, though:

    I always thought homeopathy portrays homeopathy in a very poor light, but apparently vitamins can do the same thing. And then the homeopath-author goes on to say that homeopathic medicine doesn't even have any medicine in it! So, apparently even homeopaths portray homeopathy in a very poor light.

    My poor uncle overdosed on his homeopathic medicine; he forgot to take it!

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