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- Find tutorials and lessons that teach you step by step. Videos, PDFs etc.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please go to this post for help with the current version of LaTeX used at Physics Forums. Note: while the thread...
Jun29-14 11:43 AM
781 638,479
Most of the sites here aren't very helpful for learning astrophysics. However, they are amazingly useful for learning...
Jul23-14 07:30 AM
20 35,536
I love Feynman's Lectures on Physics and want to go over them again, but I find there's so much of his character is...
Jun16-14 08:00 PM
10 3,682
Over the past 3 months I've been watching Leonard Susskind's lectures (Stanford) on quantum mechanics and particle...
Jun1-14 04:19 AM
6 20,745
Like with all the opencoursewares universities have opened, is it possible that you can just visit their lectures if...
May19-14 02:13 PM
42 72,038
Hi Friends, I thought it would be interesting if all of us put our favorite physics video links that are available...
May19-14 07:35 AM
56 81,259
I'll post more with time (by the way, why do threads in this forum get automatically locked with time? Considering how...
Mar19-14 01:52 PM
34 42,666
I would have posted this in one of the educational forums, but the instructions there seem to indicate that only...
Nov12-12 04:22 AM
19 40,348
Interesting collection of Newton papers including notebooks and his own copy of the Principia Mathematica: ...
Jul8-12 09:17 PM
7 18,204 => Science Magazine's Careers section =>...
Jun21-12 01:54 AM
1 18,554
Lectures by Robert Sapolsky
Aug29-11 08:16 AM
4 18,958
So, my prof is fond of Polya, and would like to see me solve some problems from Polya and Szego's "problems and...
Aug8-11 11:47 PM
1 18,591
More advanced: ...
Jul9-11 06:55 PM
2 17,174 Huge collections of resources can be found at...
Jul4-11 03:26 PM
9 23,467 (Introduction to Climate...
Jun27-11 12:34 AM
9 21,419
Apr30-11 11:42 AM
3 19,668
i need a link which can help me better understand primal and dual problems along with simplex Any help would be...
Feb11-11 04:58 AM
2 21,643
Is the Quantum Mechanics lecture series by Dr. Leonnard Susskind available on dvd?
Dec16-10 11:25 PM
20 46,115
Are there any good websites out there that are good at explaining various physics concepts and theories, from...
Dec1-10 10:27 AM
John Mario
4 30,160
Hi all I have been studying vectors lately and am very confused as to how to : finding relative velocity adding...
Dec1-10 10:19 AM
John Mario
3 20,552
Are there any? If so, which are the best ones? (Upper Division Undergrad)
Nov28-10 08:18 AM
4 24,280
I'm wondering if anyone else has came across this site, its covers a wide range of maths topics and some physics as...
Nov22-10 04:37 PM
7 43,716
While doing some local history research I came across the following, which is very useful for history research. ...
Oct22-10 09:32 AM
0 17,178
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data sorry I got a huge collection of released ap calc...
Aug22-10 08:19 AM
5 21,617
The APS has released a press statement today that all the APS Journals will be made available for free at US Public...
Jul29-10 11:24 AM
0 17,346
I started up a database of problems and solutions for physics, chemistry and maths. Take a look...
Jul5-10 05:09 PM
3 26,564
I'm taking a course on relativity, both special and general. According to my college, I have the required mathematical...
Jun29-10 10:04 AM
6 27,384
Sometimes a concept that I'd been trying to understand for about half an hour I grasp in about 5 seconds by watching...
Jan2-10 05:50 AM
5 23,251
Has anyone got any good break down on what happens during and impact. Im using my example of Chicxulub ive seen the...
Nov14-09 07:04 AM
1 18,736
Anyone have the learning source for Thermodynamic ? Can share it here? Thx =)
Nov12-09 05:25 AM
1 21,014
I'm sorta budgeted at the moment.. So freeware would be nice, but feel free to list what ever resources. I want some...
Sep27-09 12:27 PM
1 21,498
Thanks to RedX for this amazing link to the archive of Math lectures at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs...
Sep15-09 11:21 PM
1 24,477
Here is a link to the Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics. View the contents for a collection of free...
Jul24-09 07:59 PM
0 19,905
"Project Tuva" has a transcript, timeline, and other interesting features. (Silverlight required.) I learned this...
Jul21-09 07:47 PM
1 23,617
Google ads have been very poor so I am trying new ideas. PF has a new affiliate program running that presents you...
Apr29-09 10:05 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 22,228
I recently came across a bookmarking site aimed at students: Brainify Student Bookmarking It is not specifically...
Apr11-09 09:06 PM
0 16,114
Does anyone know of a good science/engineering series, exploring a broad range of topics. Essentially I'm searching...
Mar6-09 04:47 PM
4 14,497
Does anyone know of a good physics interactive computer program to mess around with, and perhaps even learn something?...
Jan21-09 08:51 AM
physics girl phd
3 19,224
Hi All, This is a good repository for FREE OCW links (complete video courses as well), and other online educational...
Dec7-08 08:29 AM
0 15,687
Alfred Nobel Symposium (2005) Energy in Cosmos, Molecules and Life
Dec1-08 04:40 PM
0 9,750
OOoLatex Extension for Open Office The extension can be installed in Open Office by way of Tools -> Extension...
Nov21-08 05:20 PM
0 25,961

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