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Split Electric Fields

Split Electric Fields in Electrodynamics: Capacitor and Antenna

Abstract: The analysis of the two kinds of electric fields, namely the irrotational and non-conservative, is extended to electrodynamics, as exemplified by the high-frequency behavior of a parallel-plate capacitor and a radiating antenna. Since the concept of split electric fields still seems foreign in certain quarters I want to start back to square one for…

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equations of motion

Equations of Motion Revisited

Introduction In any school Physics course, the Newtonian equations of motion are very much a 'stock' item. Students learn the equations and are given…
bayesian inference

How Bayesian Inference Works in the Context of Science

Confessions of a moderate Bayesian part 3 Read part 1: How to Get Started with Bayesian Statistics Read part 2: Frequentist Probability vs Bayesian ProbabilityBayesian…
bayesian statistics part 2

Exploring Frequentist Probability vs Bayesian Probability

Confessions of a moderate Bayesian, part 2 Read Part 1: Confessions of a moderate Bayesian, part 1Bayesian statistics by and for non-statisticians Background One…
bayesian statistics

How to Get Started with Bayesian Statistics

Confessions of a moderate Bayesian, part 1 Bayesian statistics by and for non-statisticians Background I…
projectile motion

How to Master Projectile Motion Without Quadratics

Introduction In a homework thread a while back a PF member expressed dismay along the lines of "oh no, not another boring projectile motion problem."…
electric potential

Introduction to Electric Vector Potential and Its Applications

Main Point: The electric vector potential offers a  means of determining the non-conservative component of a mixed stationary or quasi-stationary electric…
Learn the Math

I Know the Math Says so, but Is It Really True?

I'm sure anyone who has hung out long enough here on Physics Forums has encountered threads which go something like this (I'll use an example based on…
block universe time illusion

Does the Block Universe of Physics Mean Time is an Illusion?

I have written many Insights (and coauthored an entire book) explaining how the puzzles, problems, and paradoxes of modern physics can be attributed to…
flight simulator

Introduction to Pitot-Static Systems in Gliders

Like many others, I have been seeking new and fun things to do during a pandemic.   I decided on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, but the Condor…
mechanical conservation of energy

Why Bother Teaching Mechanical Energy Conservation?

Note: It is assumed that the reader has read part I and part II of the series.Is Mechanical Energy Conservation Free of Ambiguity? Can We Do Better…
kerr spacetime centrifugal force

Intro to Centrifugal Force Reversal in Kerr Spacetime

In this article we will analyze "centrifugal force reversal" in Kerr spacetime, similar to what was done for Schwarzschild spacetime in a previous Insights…
strings waves

Intro to Physically Reasonable Waves on a String

Introduction Physics teachers who are either writing physics questions that deal with waves on a string, or setting up equipment for a class lab or demo…
Physics Olympiad Corrections

Corrections to the Australian Physics Olympiad Questions and Solutions

ref: Classification of issues: [1*] Quibble regarding solution. [2*] Clearer problem description…
physics mysteries

A Principle Explanation of the “Mysteries” of Modern Physics

All undergraduate physics majors are shown how the counterintuitive aspects ("mysteries") of time dilation and length contraction in special relativity…
Compton Scattering

Exploring the Anatomy of Compton Scattering

Introduction In this article we take as our starting point the original equations which Compton drew up and solved in his ground-breaking 1925 article:  From…
Twins Paradox

Learning the Twin Paradox for Freely-falling Observers

The "twin paradox" is often discussed in the introductory treatment of special relativity. Under "twin paradox" we understand the fact that if two twins…
android ringtone

Create an Android Ringtone Picker Using the Ringtonemanager Class

In this article, I will show you how to create a ringtone picker using the RingtoneManager class in Android. You will be able to get the list of tones,…
artificial intelligence

The Rise of AI in Classrooms, Labs and Industry – Part 3

We asked our PF Advisors “How do you see the rise in A.I. affecting STEM in the lab, classroom, industry and or in everyday society?”. We got so many…
artificial intelligence

The Rise of AI in STEM – Part 2

We asked our PF Advisors “How do you see the rise in A.I. affecting STEM in the lab, classroom, industry and or in everyday society?”. We got so many…
artificial intelligence

The Rise of Artificial intelligence in STEM Labs, Classrooms, and Industry

We asked our PF Advisors "How do you see the rise in A.I. affecting STEM in the lab, classroom, industry and or in everyday society?". We got so many great…
jrmichler engineer interview

Interview with Engineer jrmichler

Today we get to know a little more about Engineering Mentor jrmichler! Tell us a bit about your education and academic years Two years college (UW-Madison)…
electromagentic waves traverse

Are Electromagnetic Waves Always Transverse?

In this insight we shall endeavor in the realm of classical electrodynamics and examine whether EM waves are always transverse. We shall make use of Jefimenko's…

How to Solve Second-Order Partial Derivatives

Introduction A frequent concern among students is how to carry out higher order partial derivatives where a change of variables and the chain rule are…
pressure is a source of gravity

Is Pressure A Source Of Gravity?

In a previous series of articles, I posed the question "Does Gravity Gravitate?" and explained how, depending on how you interpreted the terms "gravity"…
Compton Scattering

Massive Meets Massless: Compton Scattering Revisited

Introduction In a previous article entitled "Alternate Approach to 2D Collisions" we analysed collisions between a moving and stationary object by defining…
Science Authority

Is Science an Authority? How to View Announcement from Scientists

In a previous article, I discussed why scientists (among others) are almost never interested in considering a new theory proposed by a non-scientist: because…
lerch and zeta functions

The Analytic Continuation of the Lerch and the Zeta Functions

Introduction In this brief Insight article the analytic continuations of the Lerch Transcendent and Riemann Zeta Functions are achieved via the Euler's…
dark energy supernova

Dark Energy Part 3: Fitting the SCP Union 2.1 Supernova Data

In Part 1 of this 3-part series, I explained kinematics in Einstien-deSitter (EdS) cosmology and in Part 2, I explained kinematics in ##\Lambda##CDM cosmology…
dark energy cosmology lcdm

Dark Energy Part 2: LCDM Cosmology

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series explaining evidence for so-called “dark energy” leading to a current positive cosmological acceleration. The evidence…
beginner guide to baryons

A Beginner Physics Guide to Baryon Particles

Introduction At the beginning of the 20th century it was thought that all matter consisted of only three particles: the electron, the neutron and the…
symmetric spacetime

Slowly Lowering an Object in a Static, Spherically Symmetric Spacetime

In the first two articles in this series, we looked at the Einstein Field Equation and Maxwell's Equations in a static, spherically symmetric spacetime.…
supernova refsdal

The Reappearance of Supernova (SN) Refsdal

Space is always changing. Over thousands of years, astronomers have attempted to understand the workings. Trying to explain astronomical events offers…
Dark Energy Cosmology Part 1

Dark Energy Part 1: Einstein-deSitter Cosmology

In this 3-part series, I want to motivate the (re)introduction of the cosmological constant ##\Lambda## into Einstein's equations of general relativity…
Evidence for Big Bang

Universe FAQ ‘Is there Evidence for the Big Bang?’

Evidence for the big bang can be provided from observational astronomy using Hubble’s law (redshift of galaxies) also known as the ‘Doppler effect’…
Cosmic Web Connections

The Evolution of the Universe, Cosmic Web and Connections

The universe was not perfectly uniform when it started, some areas had higher density than others. During the evolution of the universe, these areas of…
Gaia search for black holes

Gaia and the Race to Detect More Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves (GW’s) are disturbances in spacetime produced by any massive object moving asymmetrically. However, only the most massive and most…

3 Possible Models For Why Uranus Spins on Its Side

Uranus spins on its side. Uranus has an obliquity (tilt) of 98º, making its axis of rotation closer to the ecliptic plane than any other planet. It is…

Black Holes Are Not Empty Voids. A Black Hole at the Heart!

Black Holes (BH’s) are curious because of their mysterious nature and unknown properties. BH’s are not empty voids. They are astronomical objects…
Integral Representations of Some Special Functions

A Path to Fractional Integral Representations of Some Special Functions

0. Introduction As for the reference material I have used the text Special Functions by Askey, Andrews, and Roy which covers much of the theorems here…
energy conservation can we do better

Can We Do Better Than Mechanical Energy Conservation?

Note: It is assumed that the reader has read part I of the series. Introduction The ambiguity and flaws discussed in part I can be resolved using the…
elastic ball collision

An Alternate Approach to Solving 2 Dimensional Elastic Collisions

Introduction This article follows on from the previous on an alternate approach to solving collision problems. In that article we determined the equal…
energy conservation ambiguity

Is Mechanical Energy Conservation Free of Ambiguity?

Introduction "Close to any question that is in the textbook, there is another question that has never been answered that is interesting." [Stephen Wolfram,…

How to Recognize Split Electric Fields

Introduction In a previous Insight, A New Interpretation of Dr. Walter Lewin’s Paradox, I introduced the fact that there are two kinds of E fields. …
Mass Generation

An Introduction to the Generation of Mass from Energy

Introduction This article is essentially an addition to the previous one on (mainly) inelastic collisions to include the particular case of inelastic…
What is Evolution

What is Evolution: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining why the life we see is as it is fascinates…
Collision problems

An Alternative Approach to Solving Collision Problems

Introduction Collisions are very much a stock item in any school physics curriculum and students are generally taught about the use of the principles…
mary Somerville

Mathematician Mary Somerville Features in Google Doodle

The Google Doodle for 2 February 2020 celebrated Mary Somerville, the Scottish polymath and science writer, and with Caroline Herschel, the joint first…
perpetual motion machines

Why We Don’t Discuss Perpetual Motion Machines (PMM)

Authorship Contributions From: AnorlundaYou may want to believe the article you read, or the video you saw, or you may be very proud of your PMM invention.…
c++ guide for beginners

Guide to C++ Programming For Beginners

Contents 1. Getting a C++ Compiler and Compiling Your First Program 2. Simple Datatypes and Declarations 3. Operators and Expressions 4. Input and…
fluid dynamics experiment

Accurate Fluid Dynamics By Video Analysis

IntroductionProviding accurate fluid dynamics experiments for undergraduate laboratories is challenging in several ways, including reproducibility,…
how to identify wood

Want to Tell One Wood from Another? Learn Basic Wood Anatomy

As a long-time woodworker I have an interest in being able to tell one wood from another and in the process of learning how to do that, I've developed…