Hooke's Law Experiement

An Accurate Hooke's Law Laboratory

Learning Objectives * Gain confidence and experimental care…
Lie Algebra Structure

Lie Algebras: A Walkthrough The Structures

  Part II: Structures5. Decompositions.Lie…
lie algebra basics

Lie Algebras: A Walkthrough The Basics

  Part I: Basics 1. Introduction. This article is…
Data Structures Programming

Intro to Data Structures for Programming

IntroductionIn the first part of this series, I talked about…
Bernoulli's equation

Demystifying the Often Misunderstood Bernoulli's Equation

Introduction Bernoulli's equation is one of the most useful…
Magnetic Field Lines

Are Magnetic Field Lines Real?

We recently had a question in the relativity forums that mentioned…
vehicle power

When Vehicle Power Dictates Acceleration

One interesting problem when dealing with a vehicle of a certain…
Quantum Eraser

The Quantum Mystery of Wigner's Friend

In this Insight I will introduce the quantum mystery called ``Wigner's…
Calculus Therom

A Numerical Insight for the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

The purpose of this article is not to provide some rigorous statement,…

Inventions and Inventors Quiz

Time to test your inventions, inventors and patent knowledge.…
Super Quantum

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Popescu-Rohrlich Correlations

In this Insight, I will show how the Popescu-Rohrlich (superquantum)…
engineer anorlunda

Interview with Engineer Mentor anorlunda

Tell us about your school years? Part of my story is sad but…
bhobba physics interview

Interview with Physics Mentor bhobba

Give us an executive summary on bhobbaI was born in Toowong…
rotational mechanics

An Example of Servo-Constraints in Mechanics

Servo-constraint was invented by Henri Beghin in his PhD thesis…
Telescope Buying Guide

Guide to Buying Your First Telescope

We often have questions about what telescope an aspiring amateur…

What Are Your Favorite Science or Math Blogs?

We asked our PF Advisors to tell us what their favorite science…
stock options math

A Simplified Synthesis of Financial Options Pricing

Financial options (the right to purchase ("call") or sell ("put")…
unity orbital mechanics

Orbital Mechanics in Unity Game Engine for Augmented Reality

In this post I’ll go over implementing basic orbital mechanics…
why quantum

Why the Quantum | A Response to Wheeler's 1986 Paper

Wheeler's opening statement in his 1986 paper, ``How Come the…

Match the Scientist with the Story

Among the most famous people are often geniuses. It's hard to…
tensor calculus

The 10 Commandments of Index Expressions and Tensor Calculus

Having more than 10 years of experience in teaching vector and…
speed of sound

Direct Echo-Based Measurement of the Speed of Sound

Figure 1: Distance vs. time a firecracker report echoed off…
walter lewin

A New Interpretation of Dr. Walter Lewin's Paradox

Much has lately been said regarding this paradox which first…
information definition

How to Better Define Information in Physics

When I ask questions about conservation of information I frequently…

Calculating the Spin of Black Hole Sagittarius A*

This Insight takes a look at how it is possible to calculate…

Interview with Niels Tuning, LHCb Run Coordinator

Physics Forums is pleased to introduce Niels Tuning. He's a…

What Academic Advice Would You Tell Your 18 Year Old Self?

We asked our PF Advisors to tell us what academic advice would…

Intro to Algorithms for Programming

Many threads here at PF include some question about how to learn…

Solving Einstein's Field Equations in Maxima

A few months ago, pervect pointed me to a post by Chris Hillman…

What's Your Most Memorable Textbook?

We asked our PF Advisors to tell us their most memorable or influential…

Lessons From the Bizzaro Universe

The terms Bizarro and Bizarro World originated in Superman comics,…

Rindler Motion in Special Relativity: Rindler Coordinates

Our destination In our last article, Hyperbolic Trajectories,…

Either the Sun Is Getting Smaller or Gravity Is Getting Weaker

Paper discussion: Solar system expansion and strong equivalence…

Rindler Motion in Special Relativity: Hyperbolic Trajectories

Introduction: Why Rindler Motion? When students learn relativity,…

Interview with Astrophysicist Adam Becker

Adam Becker is an astrophysicist and science writer whose first…

Statistical Mechanics: The Ideal Gas

Read Part 1: Equilibrium Systems The Ideal Gas: Boltzmann's…

"Classical Physics Is Wrong" Fallacy

One of the common questions or comments we get on PF is the claim…

Hilbert Spaces And Their Relatives: Operators

  Operators. The Maze Of Definitions. We will use…

Interview with Theoretical Physicist Clifford V. Johnson

Clifford V. Johnson is a professor in the Physics and Astronomy…

Hilbert Spaces and Their Relatives: Basics

  Basics Language first: There is no such thing as…

Mathematical Quantum Field Theory - Renormalization

This is one chapter in a series on Mathematical Quantum Field…

Name the Science Book Author Quiz

Let's see how well you know your science book authors. Some are…