Solar Balmer Lines

Signature of the Sun: Analyzing the Solar Balmer Series Lines

Introduction We are in many ways a fortunate generation having…
bloatware android phones

Clearing Misconceptions and Some Tips on Debloating Android Phones

What is bloatware? When you unbox your new phone, it comes with…
recursion in programming

Recursion in Programming and When to Use/Not to Use It

Recursion is actually quite simple. It's a subroutine calling…
Bohr’s Helium Lines

Understanding Bohr's Helium Lines

Introduction In a previous article "Calculating the Balmer Alpha…
maxwell magneto

Maxwell's Equations in Magnetostatics and Solving with the Curl Operator

Introduction: Maxwell's equation in differential form ## \nabla…
what if physics questions

How to Avoid Breaking Physics With Your "What If" Question

We get a lot of "what if" questions here on Physics Forums. This…
Learn Dimensional Analysis

Learn the Basics of Dimensional Analysis

As a university teacher and as a PF member, I have often noted…
rotating room

How to Zip Through a Rotating Tunnel Without Bumping Into the Walls

Preface While browsing through unanswered posts in the Classical…
Balmer Alpha Line

Calculating the Balmer Alpha Line: Atomic Hydrogen

Introduction Most readers acquainted with the hydrogen spectrum …
spacetime maxwell

Maxwell's Equations in a Static, Spherically Symmetric Spacetime

In the first article in this series, we looked at the Einstein…
quantum superposition

Understanding Superposition

IntroductionOne should first and foremost understand that…
What is Entropy

On the Meaning of Entropy

Introduction The intent of this article is to clarify the meaning…
Einstein Field Equation

The Einstein Field Equation in a Static, Spherically Symmetric Spacetime

This will be the first of several articles which will provide,…
writing proofs

How Most Proofs Are Structured and How to Write Them

... or the answer to: "I have no idea where to start!" Proofs…
Camera Lens Physics

Lens Performance Testing: Evaluating a Camera Lens

I've done plenty of imaging performance testing on a variety…
Quantum Mechanical Commutator

The Classical Limit of Quantum Mechanical Commutator

The Classical Limit of Commutator (without fancy mathematics) Quantum…
Minkowski Spacetime

Precession in Special and General Relativity

The Absolute Derivative In relativity we typically deal with…
Star Equations

Equations of State for Photon Gas and Relativistic Electron Gas

This Insight develops equations of state that are useful in calculations…
rules of quantum mechanics

The 7 Basic Rules of Quantum Mechanics

For reference purposes and to help focus discussions on Physics…
Quantum Particles

Clarifying Common Issues with Indistinguishable Particles

Commonly there is a lot of imprecision in talking about ''indistinguishable''…
isotropy definition

A Formal Definition of Large-Scale Isotropy

This Insight is part of my attempt to develop a formal definition…
Renewable Energy Power Grid

Renewable Energy Meets Power Grid Operations

The electric power industry faces much turmoil in the coming…
surface integral

Demystifying Parameterization and Surface Integrals

Introduction This article will attempt to take the mystery out…
20 year tech predictions

What Technology or Discovery Will Be the Most Revolutionary Within 20 Years?

We asked our advisors "What technology or scientific discovery…
Maupertuis Principle

A Pure Hamiltonian Proof of the Maupertuis Principle

Here is another version of proof of Maupertuis's principle. This…
Kerr Spacetime

Fermi-Walker Transport in Kerr Spacetime

In the last two posts in this series, we developed some tools…
create a universe story

How to Create a Universe - Instructions for an Apprentice God

(-: ##~~~## A fantasy to be read at leisure time ##~~~## :-) Written…
quantum qubit

A Classical View of the Qubit

This Insight article is part of my paper Foundations of quantum…

Fermi-Walker Transport in Schwarzschild Spacetime

In the first post in this series, we introduced the concepts…

Aiming High and Managing Distractions as Keys to Success for Science Majors

Over the years, I've noticed some distinct trends among the physics…
AVX-512 Programming subtotals

AVX-512 Programming: Extracting Column Subtotals from a Table

In this Insights article I'll present an example that shows how…
Minkowski Spacetime

Fermi-Walker Transport in Minkowski Spacetime

This is the first of several posts that will develop some mathematical…
The Sum of Geometric Series from Probability Theory

The Sum of Geometric Series from Probability Theory

Here I present a simple (but to the best of my knowledge, new)…
quantum mechanics is incomplete

9 Reasons Quantum Mechanics is Incomplete

I argue that all interpretations of quantum mechanics (QM) are…
AVX-512 conclusion

AVX-512 Assembly Programming: Opmask Registers for Conditional Arithmetic Conclusion

In the first part of this article (AVX-512 Assembly Programing…
AVX-512 registers

AVX-512 Assembly Programming: Opmask Registers for Conditional Arithmetic

This is the second installment in a continuing series of articles…
Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory

An Accurate Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory

Learning Objectives * Execute a specific experimental procedure…
AVX-512 Assembly Programming

An Intro to AVX-512 Assembly Programming

History In 1998, the Intel Corporation released processors that…
against quantum interpretations

Against "interpretation"

I am against "interpretations" of Quantum Mechanics (QM) in a…
lie algebra representations

Lie Algebras: A Walkthrough The Representations

  Part III: Representations  10. Sums and…
abacus introduction

An Introduction to the Traditional Abacus of China and Japan

Introduction Abacuses are commonly seen in ancient civilizations…
Hooke's Law Experiement

An Accurate Hooke's Law Laboratory

Learning Objectives * Gain confidence and experimental care…
Lie Algebra Structure

Lie Algebras: A Walkthrough The Structures

  Part II: Structures5. Decompositions.Lie…
lie algebra basics

Lie Algebras: A Walkthrough The Basics

  Part I: Basics 1. Introduction. This article is…
Data Structures Programming

Intro to Data Structures for Programming

IntroductionIn the first part of this series, I talked about…
Bernoulli's equation

Demystifying the Often Misunderstood Bernoulli's Equation

Introduction Bernoulli's equation is one of the most useful…
Magnetic Field Lines

Are Magnetic Field Lines Real?

We recently had a question in the relativity forums that mentioned…
vehicle power

When Vehicle Power Dictates Acceleration

One interesting problem when dealing with a vehicle of a certain…
Quantum Eraser

The Quantum Mystery of Wigner's Friend

In this Insight I will introduce the quantum mystery called ``Wigner's…
Calculus Therom

A Numerical Insight for the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

The purpose of this article is not to provide some rigorous statement,…

Inventions and Inventors Quiz

Time to test your inventions, inventors and patent knowledge.…