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Closed and Archived. Congrats to all those who were nominated! See ya next year!
Dec18-13 08:58 PM OmCheeto 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
Aug27-14 08:36 PM
Greg Bernhardt
63 47,872
We are proud to present project PF Proliferation! It's a very simple way to spread the word about PF and get free...
Aug15-14 03:26 PM
Greg Bernhardt
285 111,012
Download the new PF App for iPhone/Android phones! Please write rate and review too :) It's based off the TapaTalk...
Jul30-14 08:47 PM
183 48,313
This thread contains tutorials and frequently asked questions about the Physics Forums website. Contents: How to...
Jun23-14 11:27 AM
9 76,367
Welcome to Physics Forums! In an effort to maintain the integrity of this site and to provide a comfortable...
May26-12 07:38 AM
1 299,294
Mission Statement We, the staff of PF, are simply a group of volunteers who are passionate about science and...
Sep12-06 08:01 PM
0 91,743
PF Blogs are scheduled to be removed on Tuesday Sept 2nd (3 weeks from now). We are sorry if this causes some...
Y 11:09 PM
Greg Bernhardt
14 1,683
Some exciting changes are on the horizon for Physics Forums! This notice is intended to give you a head ups on what to...
Aug31-14 08:21 PM
46 1,931
Hi every one! How do you do? This is my first post on PhysicalForums. :approve: I got one quick main question. Is...
Aug30-14 11:33 PM
15 244
And if so, where? A lot of the times when I am studying a subject (Usually undergraduate upper-div mathematics) I...
Aug25-14 04:13 PM
3 273
For the last three Sundays, I have been suddenly logged out of chat with a message saying connection expired, please...
Aug24-14 07:44 PM
2 172
In this 'posts' editor there is an option to attach files and then 'insert image' as I am doing here. But you don't...
Aug22-14 01:19 PM
8 278
Whenever I try to load or reload the PF home page, I wait and wait and wait and... However, I can click links on my...
Aug21-14 11:44 PM
3 179
Is there a job listing section on PF? The company that I'm working for is interested to hire more physicists but we're...
Aug20-14 07:14 PM
4 220
Is it possible to add a reply to this closed thread? I would...
Aug19-14 05:59 AM
3 192
Physics Forums is proud to announce that this year we are a sponsor for the Wisconsin Science Festival! The fest runs...
Aug18-14 11:23 PM
10 441
Yesterday I found that whatever post in some threads I replied to, it always included the OP's opening post in my...
Aug18-14 02:05 PM
6 242
I just noticed on the mobile app that I get notifications when other people post threads in a forum that I posted a...
Aug18-14 12:56 PM
4 168
Complaint Posting images
Not a complaint, just an inquiry: when posting huge (2000x2000) images via the "", is there a way to resize it...
Aug17-14 08:47 PM
9 549
Suggestion Time Zone
This is just a minor thing, but I thought I would mention it because it may be easily fixed. When not logged in there...
Aug17-14 07:29 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 154
Can someone tell me what is the best way to attach a picture or diagram on my posts? Something that shows on my post...
Aug16-14 01:37 AM
8 291
Hello all, I posted a thread on 8/12 at I had messed up the...
Aug14-14 12:50 PM
1 197
Hello. When I first go to the physics forums web site...the site or the computer by default scrolls right to the...
Aug13-14 06:12 PM
8 326
The blog system is being removed soon, but we wanted to save ZapperZ's entries. They have been re-posted throughout...
Aug12-14 02:47 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 370
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Apr17-13 During my participation on PF (which has been quite a number of...
Aug12-14 02:45 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 217
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Apr17-13 We frequently get questions such as these: "What is energy?" ...
Aug12-14 02:44 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 194
why my questions keeps on getting notifications? actually i want you to answer my question's immediately, but you...
Aug12-14 02:32 PM
5 322
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Jul5-12 We have issues from some members, especially new ones, who ran afoul...
Aug12-14 02:28 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 126
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Feb14-13 It is a bit pompous of me think that I can actually tell you the...
Aug12-14 02:06 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 166
The homepage of this forum gives the following stats: Threads: 638,474 Posts: 4,515,531 Members: 205,067 Are...
Aug11-14 02:00 PM
5 290 I don't think it should...
Aug11-14 10:08 AM
Greg Bernhardt
3 337
i have been reading threads on possible new theories and ways to have them read and commented on. In every single...
Aug3-14 03:52 PM
5 396
Is anyone else experiencing PF being very slow? I am using Chrome and then tried browsing on IE but the problem is...
Aug3-14 09:49 AM
4 250
I've searched the forum for "Quantum Cheshire Cat" both internally, and via google. Although it appears that the key...
Aug1-14 01:04 PM
3 357
I think some theories we have today are not right. That is how thing work that is how we come up with new theories. We...
Jul30-14 11:46 AM
1 376
I am no old school member, but I have enjoyed the forum until now. Before this thread is deleted, I will tell you...
Jul29-14 01:11 PM
5 486 I will be hosting trivia...
Jul27-14 08:28 PM
3 857
Note from mentor: This thread was split off from the one linked below. You may want to glance at it to see the...
Jul26-14 08:44 AM
21 1,177
The store is open! I only have a few designs up right now and mostly dark shirts. When I get more designs and...
Jul25-14 06:37 PM
67 18,122
The PF Library has been a success by offering dozens of material to curious visitors! We thank everyone who has...
Jul24-14 09:28 PM
7 1,044
I was wondering if PF has an option for changing our screen name? Thanks! :smile:
Jul18-14 06:45 AM
3 1,207
I wrote a homework thread about Time Dilation, which followed the rules. It was deleted and no reason was given. Why?...
Jul17-14 10:11 PM
15 1,969
Please congratulate Drakkith on being promoted PF Mentor. Drakkith has long been a helpful member with a great...
Jul17-14 02:08 AM
21 3,578
I have some questions about the Math FAQ section of this forum: What is its main purpose? What can be posted...
Jul16-14 03:08 PM
2 1,263
I was just trying to post to the Physics Learning Materials forum. It seems to be blocked and when I looked there did...
Jul13-14 08:42 PM
2 1,310
Hey, So, there's something happening that might be a bug. The answer is probably "we can't fix it", but ya, I think...
Jul13-14 11:33 AM
20 3,760

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