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electronic engineer Mar11-07 04:26 PM

mathematica question
I frequently get this warning message from mathematica:

yntax::tsntxi: "Out:" is incomplete; more input is needed

Does anyone here know about this kind of message ,,,why does it occur?

Even that i read from help about it i didn't find any mistake made by me or...i might be wrong anyway so can anyone guide me?!


Crosson Mar11-07 07:25 PM

This is what happens when you have an absurd error in syntax, for example I reproduce it by typing:


Try using complete and correct syntax. To see the form of a template for a built in function type its name and then do CTRL + SHFT + K.

I would be happy to look at any of your code and help you make corrections.

electronic engineer Mar12-07 03:44 AM

thank you,i will try what you have said but i also have been wondering about NodalNetwork,it didn' work once with me and i don't know why.

we'll keep in touch anyway

many thanks

electronic engineer Mar13-07 08:50 PM

I wrote this instruction:

but I had the warning messages:
Cannot open Global `Nodal2`
Needs::nocont: Context expr was not created when Needs was evaluated.

I really would like to know what is the matter!

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