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physicsnoob93 Jul4-08 05:57 AM

Proof that Ac = (V^2)/R
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Hey Guys

a lot of people were asking me how to prove that centripetal acceleration is v squared over r.
Well, i know quite a few people here might not know calculus, not that the calculus to prove it is very hard, but i prepared something for you guys. Its a beautiful proof which i like much more than any calculus proof.

Its slightly amateurish because i've never really done this before.

Hope it helps though, i think you can find the proof on wikipedia anyways.

You can ask me if you guys need anything else.

heafnerj Jul5-08 09:20 PM

Re: Proof that Ac = (V^2)/R
This was published by Brownstein (AmJPhys 62(10), p. 946, October 1994). It was also in the PSSC materials.

physicsnoob93 Jul5-08 09:30 PM

Re: Proof that Ac = (V^2)/R

Heh, i didn't know about the publications ><. Thanks, and sorry for not crediting before this.

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