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polaris90 Feb18-13 10:27 PM

what is acoustic lenth
What is acoustic length in a pipe/tube? On a physics lab, the lab write up mentions it but it doesn't explain what it is. I know it's give by L = λ/4 and higher ones will be odd multiples of the first one. But what does this actually mean and what is it for? I looked it up but couldn't find any information.
Some help would be appreciated.

tiny-tim Feb19-13 04:07 AM

hi! polaris90! :smile:

acoustic length of a tube is an imaginary measurement that's longer than the actual length

you put it into equations (instead of the actual length), and the equations work! :wink:
see eg for details, and lots of pretty pictures

polaris90 Feb20-13 06:56 PM

Re: what is acoustic lenth
ok, thank you. That was very helpful

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