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Jul11-06, 06:02 AM
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Grilled cheese in 0:59 seconds

I figured this out just now for breakfast, negligible preparation time, and presumably healthier than the 'traditional' version (which involves frying in oil )

2 slices wheat bread
2 slices sliced cheese of your preference
fire extinguisher (opt.)

(1) toasterate the bread slices on the lowest setting (~30 seconds)
(2) insert cheese
(3) bombard with 1 kilowatt of 2.45GHz radiation for roughly 17 seconds

I think we should be able to improve on this by one or two orders of magnitude. The problem with the microwave is that it disproportionately heats the cheese because of its moisture content (hence the toaster); now what if the bread were soaked in water? Would it heat both components equally?