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Jul19-06, 02:39 PM
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Do a President's Poll Numbers Influence his Poll Numbers?

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"Other:" poll numbers are influenced by the result the poll taker is seeking.
That depends entirely on the poll. If the poll taker is honestly seeking the participants opinion, the poll questions are carefully constructed to not bias the poll participant. If the poll taker is seeking a certain result the questions would be constructed to bias the participant. If the poll taker just wants to spread dis-information, then you have questions like this:

South Carolina voters were asked "Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?".

I believe that the poor poll numbers do hurt a president's popularity. His supporters are less likely to be vocal, therefore they are open to unflattering new information. His detractors are louder, more confident, and readily disseminating unflattering information. Poor polls create a steamroll effect, however it can be reversed quickly with good news about his policies being effective.