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Jul26-06, 04:27 PM
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I just read about a new reserach where they found a way to "slow down" the aging process.... the article concluded by saying "maybe eternal life is not that far away on the horizion...".

So my question is... if in fact someone finds a way to prolong this earthly life indefinetly, then how exactly will be it "eternal" if for example tragedies and accidents are inevitable anyway? Say someone lives for 200 years, gets bored and decides to off themselves - how will the "lack of an aging process" and his "eternal life" be any more useful to him if he is going to kill himself anyway (meaning that if not by natural cosmic process, he will die by his own hand or by some other accident).

Now, the above scenario takes into account the status-quo of today's medicine, meaning that it "might" be able in the future to keep the aging process at bay, not the Ghost in the shell type "consciousness shifted into a body manufactured by some third-party company" scenario.

Your opinion guys.
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