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Dec1-03, 01:23 PM
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Benefits of becoming a vegetarian:

Freedom for all farm animals!

Eating less unhealthy food

No need to cut any animal bodies or organs=> more convienient & less mess

Eating more healthy food!

No more interference with the animals' life and death.

Increase in animal population!

More animals to conduct researches on.

No more artificially caused extinction of any animals!

and many more!!!

More animals to conduct researches on.

Are you talking about animal testing or the such? If so, I think it's rather ironic that you mention the inhumane treatment of cramped up chickens.

But as for your question, I was a vegetarian for a while and I was not an healthier than I am now. People in this thread have already mentioned it but the key word is moderation.

Increase in animal population!
That's not always a good thing.