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Buckwheat Jones
Aug9-06, 03:21 PM
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Well, here's what I'm trying to determine. A photograph was taken of Flight 93's mushroom cloud, and you'll see it here:

There seems to be some discussion about whether or not this image is real or a crock. As a professional image retoucher (Photoshop as a day job), I know that pasting in a cloud on a clear blue sky is virtually impossible to pull of seamlessly. However, I cannot inspect the master file so I have to ask questions based on other known quantities:

1. The plane may have had approximately 10,000 gallons of fuel on board as it was a cross country flight, and it carried a capacity for 11,500 gallons.

2. The point at which the photo was taken is a known, the crash site is a known, so the distance between the two is known. So by graphing out a pair of vectors originating from the camera, to the edges of the cloud (using the two barns on either side of the cloud as reference points,) the cloud seems to be about 600-800 meters wide, if you account for a little wind and intertia from the blast moving the cloud southeasterly by the time the photo was taken.

(See the Google earth jpg here:

So, I'm trying to determine if 10,000 gallons of jet fuel could blow up and form a cloud this big. I thought physicists might offer some sound ideas.

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