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David Mayes
Dec4-03, 04:27 AM
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Originally posted by Rader
It is a scientific confirmed fact that when the blood in the human body has a Ph of 7.4 the blood is in a equilibrium state. Body balance, in terms of acid=alkaline, is pH 7.4 for blood in arteries. Acid=alkaline equivalence is a pH of 7.00. Thus, a healthy body means pH that is slightly alkaline. This means there are more buffering mineral receptors for electons than acid forming electron donors. The human body gets sick when the acid alkaline is out of balance. There is a way to keep it in balance. Your diet.
You are what you eat.
Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline, meats, milk, fish and cereals are acid. By use of a diet of 70=30 thats is fruits and vegetable=to meat, milk, fish and cereals, you can maintain a balanced pH in your system. On a scale of 0 to 14.7, 0=acid and 14.7=alkaline, Coca Cola is 2.0, coffee is 4.0, beer is 2.5, meat 3.0.

Excellent post Sir.
I believe that science supports fruit as the best food group, it best matches our anatomy and physiology.

What I'm curious about is if we accept that fruit is the best{but not exclusive food group}, does the concept of food combining make sense?

In essence it says eat fruit on an empty stomach so as it can be quickly digested, and don't dump fruit on top of other foods as the stomach will have to secrete both acid and alkaline to digest differing chemical natures, thus neutralizing the stomach juices and forcing increasing amounts of secreted digestive juices which cost the body energy from it's limited daily energy budget and also prolonging the time taken to digest the stomach contents allowing for putrefaction of the protein and fermentation of any carbohydrates.