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Dec11-03, 10:14 PM
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please have patience with me here! i know this question has probobly been asked a dozen times before to you guys but i find it so amazingly intersting what other people think about this. i myself have not yet made up my mind completely. to begin, i do not in any way, shape, or form believe that the universe has any natural or inert value or property of GOOD or EVIL or BEAUTY. i believe (and i'm sure i'm not the only one) that these are all superficial terms we as emotional beings asign to objects. yet still, why do so many scientists (although they may doubt in the existance of universal BEAUTY or a GOD) feel that it must be beautiful? i even feel it often. how can it all not be beautiful? but then i realize that in the end, calling it beautiful or not is a pointless thing to do. it is how it is whether we believe it to be a certain way or not. aesthetic properties are pointless. so, basically, my entire post is pointless. comment, please.
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