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Oct21-06, 05:53 PM
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Confirmation that my habaneros are really hot.

We made soup tonight - beef with vegetables and seasonings.

I broke open one of my small habaneros and put it in my bowl then spooned the soup into the bowl.

A while later my wife asked if I had put some hot sauce or hot peppers in the soup pot, but I hadn't. I mentioned that I had put one pepper in my bowl. Then I realized that I had handled the ladle after I had opened the habanero pepper. Despite my having washed my hands, there was sufficient oil from the pepper on the spoon that my wife got some on her finger, which she subsequently touched to her mouth/lips. She immediately got a severe burning sensation on her lips, then tongue and apparently throat. Ooooops!

As for me, I hardly noticed it. The habaneros are great!