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Dec15-03, 10:58 AM
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Is our personal reality separate from the Mass Reality

Originally posted by Mentat
I don't think we have a "personal reality" ITFP. We're a giant collection of cells, and there are plenty of giant collections of cells in the world...they do not create their own worlds.
But they do create an image of the world, and they do live inside the image. So in a sense it is correct to say that we all inhabit a personal universe and reality is what our personal universes share in common.

I think you are confusing the power to create a mental representation of a reality with reality itself. It is a fact that we can and do create an image of the world in our minds. It's also a fact that the mind has limited powers to change the image of the world created by other minds - there are constraints known as the laws of physics. Last but not least, it's a fact that the real world only resembles the image created in our minds to the extent that the image is self-consistent.

That last assertion probably needs explaining, but the point I'm trying to make is that it's a fact that we all inhabit a personal version of reality.