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Nov12-06, 02:31 PM
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Hows it going guys, I need to now how to find distance of an object without actually shooting from my launcher. I have that it shoots 518.28 feet per sec ( initial velocity) ends at 0 ft/s (final velocity), that gravity's constant is -32.15 feet/sec2(9.8 meters/sec2), I also have that it shoots at a 45 degree angle and it launches 2.12 feet off the ground, objects weight is .0154 lbs. It feels like I have everything I need to find distance but I keep getting huge numbers. If you could solve this for me or just point me to the formulas that I would need I would greatly appreciate it , This is going to help launch a projectile for a project and this formula will save me a lot of time and money
Thanx again
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