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Nov16-06, 03:51 PM
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When I feel the need to do something creative, I drag out one of my guitars for a little instant gratification. I like to read and write, but I'd rather read scientific papers and work on my cosmological model than play with anything fictional. The real stuff is weird enough.

When I was writing custom application software, I hardly ever felt the need to do anything "creative" - coding was enough. I once wrote an entire retail/wholesale/inside-sales point-of-sale application in a week (long days, though) for a manufacturer of wood-harvesting equipment. I designed it so that the sales and purchases flowed to his main accounting software (much of which I had written or modified) and included features that thrilled his accountant, like the ability to age his receivables and the ability to switch from last-in-first-out costing to last-in-last-out at will so the accountant could assess the tax implications of that in minutes, not months - not an easy job with an inventory of tens of thousands of parts bought over a period of many years. I wrote this (and all other custom applications) in dBaseIII+ and compiled it to run under FoxRun back in the day when a 286 was a good computer and a 386 was a server, so the code had to be REALLY lean. During that period, I was buying guitars for later resale (I had a couple of dozen at one point) but hardly ever played them. I used to dream about code at night and sometimes woke up and jotted stuff down that often proved to be useful. GEEK!!

I used to mine for gemstones locally and have bought a lot of foreign rough, too. For a time I was faceting stones quite regularly and probably will get back to doing that at some point. It's fun to create designs that optimize color, brilliance, etc, but in implementation faceting stones is a lot like running a tiny, very precise machine-shop. That's the kind of creativity that appeals to the geek in me, I guess. Initially, I faceted for the fun of it, but after supplying every close female relative or friend with earrings, a ring or a pendant with sapphires, tourmaline, tanzanite, tsavorite, aquamarine, golden beryl, etc, I started hitting some of the local high-end jewelers and making a profit on the stones. They could keep me busier than I wanted to be and faceting turned into a "job" so I was not motivated to do so much of it. So much for the creative aspect.