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Dec18-03, 11:22 AM
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Originally posted by selfAdjoint
I just finished Snow Crash a couple of weeks ago. Great adventure and interesting characters. I thought "William Gibson meets Tim Powers". Cyberpunk plus threats from ancient (but true) mythology, the last being Tim Powers very entertaining specialty (look him up).

Currently reading Gibson's Pattern recognition. Not sf, exactly, nominally present day, but very techy. Hero is a lady whose father disappeared in the 9/11 destruction (or did he?). she's allergic to certain common logos and supports herself as a cool hunter. That's hunter of cool.
gibson is one of my favorite authors and _pattern recognition_ is decent. _snow crash_ is very good, as is stephenson's _cryptonomicon_. unfortunately, his latest _quicksilver_ is awful; i gave up giving it the benefit of the doubt after 100 pages and put it down for good; quite a shame really since the story features isaac newton and the early days of physics/scientific method.

dan simmons' latest, _ilium_, is very good