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Nov22-06, 11:05 AM
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Huh? You are expecting me? I don't get it.
Most certainly there must be a few dozen honestly indignant members here, ready to fight and save the world. it took quite a while.

Warmer consiracy? Huh?
By the authority of the Wegman report, revealing the network and the experiences of Prof David Deeming, Dr Chris Landsea and Dr Hans von Storch. I'll elaborate if so desired.

From that website's about section


I don't have anything to say on this thread anymore.

PS: here is the Europe "data" presented on the website(Norway, the "data" is all regional). It's good for a laugh
How about the current warming? what would the researchers of the year 3006 find for our period? Strong warming signals in Siberia, Europe and parts of North America, virtually none with several cooling signals in N and S America and Australia. the "data" is all regional. That would certainly be for a good laugh thinking that there was global warming around the onset of the 21th century.

Problem with the medieval warm period is that all regions show the warming.