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Dec10-06, 11:34 AM
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I'll stick to the America where I have legal recourse to remove the person who decides he wants to oppose government policy in my bedroom, thank you very much.
your bedroom isn't a public place though, so i agree that people shouldn't have a right to not be required to leave when asked.

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That's just not realistic/reasonable. Besides the 'its my party and my right to not have it disrupted' thing, it is the nature/goal of protesting to be disruptive and it would be irresponsible to wait until after an event is disrupted to do something about it. Police have a responsibility to be proactive.
i don't think holding a sign or wearing a T-shirt that says "i love peace" or "war kills people" is disruptive. like i said, if these protesters are being disruptive for harassing people, then they should be removed from the area for harassment. if these protesters are yelling "down with bush! hes a nazi and he hates black people! you guys are supporting the anti-christ and are going to burn in hell for your sins!" then they could be considered as harassing people of course. i guess im trying to illustrate the difference between protesting/expressing opposition to something and being disruptive/dangerous