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Dec20-06, 11:17 PM
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My wife and I just came back from Montana where we spent a bunch of time sitting in the radon mines. (They used to be uranium mines). It helped my arthritis and my wife's chronic fatigue. You can see lots of old timers there visiting the mines in pretty good shape for their age.

Papers you can read on hormesis more-or-less indicate that 5 rem/yr is optimum for benefical effect of low-dose radiation. Ten rem/year is about the same a not getting any radiation at all. The value of 5 rem/yr is what the DOE allows its radiation workers in places like Hanford and Savannah River. We didn't get near this much in Montana.

Lots of anecdotal evidence supports the concept: there are LOTS of 100-year old people in Japan these days. Even more in the areas that the fallout cloud went over.

Very few people died as a result of Chernobyl. Almost all of them were the "Human Robots" that were sent in to pick up the "hot" pieces of the broken reactor. They got huge doses.

Brazil has more that a million people over 100 years old. Brazil has a very high background radiation from the "black sands" beaches which contain lots of thorium.

In the audio tape "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" he mentions a number of locations in the world where people expect to live to be 100. Most of them have high background radiation from minerals (e.g., radon) or are at high altitudes and receive lots of cosmic radiation.

People who smoke live longer if there's lots of radon in their bastements. (re. Cohn)

Let's hear from you if you have visited the mines in the US or other countries, or if otherwise.
I have started a thread in the biology section on the issue of radiation effects on humans. I was hoping that Morbius, Astronuc and other very knowledgeable posters in this section might be interested.