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Dec23-03, 08:39 PM
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Originally posted by Jimmy
That sounds right to me. I was hoping more people would join in on this little discussion. It's been about 15 years since I studied this in school. My memory was a little cloudy. It's been a good refresher for me. I enjoyed it.

Right, this has been great. I arrived at the understanding I wanted and it's extremely rare to find someone in the know who is willing to bear with you particularly when you're way of asking questions isn't exactly orthodox (too many "schooled" people as oppose to "together in the head" ones). In other words, I'm much obliged. I started looking at this stuff seriously last about 2 years ago now. It takes time to both learn and unlearn all the false notions one has about how things work (for example, how many folks think electricity is caused by electrons zipping through a wire at light speed rather than just waves moving through the sea of electrons in the conductor...? This is taught in school with all rigor!) Since I'm keen on engineering stuff, I want to know the physics of things. I want to build a Theremin which means getting the hand of how circuits work, how they're engineered so that a particular combination of components does this and that to the electric current... I figure that by teaching myself to build this instrument I will teach myself more and faster than just perfunctorily poring through a text book. I use the text books, to be sure, but not in the way schoolers use them. But I ramble...