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Dec29-06, 09:05 AM
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no, my point is: there is no fixed point, the "fixed point" is the infinit, is the sucession, and the more you rotate, the far the point go, then, if you rotate till 89.9(9) degrees, the point is at inf distance from point origin but it is still there...
imagine you can't stop rotating, but you can't reach like that...then, in the extrem, the point exists, and the degree is 89.9(9).
that is like dividing 1 by 3 and then multiply by 3..0.9999(9)never ends...but you know that in the end, it is 1, don't know where is the end, but you know it the same, you don't have an ending, but you know, that in the end, there's a point...

So, you don't need to ask where's the fixed distance, ask what happens to the degree when the fixed distance reaches to inf...
I don't understand what you are getting at. Infinity means that there is no end. How can there be a point at the end when there is no ending?