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Feb12-07, 03:04 PM
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In this forum on 1st-23-2005 ed shaw posted a formula that explained the math if you access this site you will see the equation. http;// Basically he determined that a certain sized wind funnel which is explained in his post could generate 10 times the 15mph in at the mouth of the funnel and 150mph out at the outlet or rear. I became interested in this type of wind channeling in 1972. As a free spirited young man living in Fort Lauderdale, I encountered just such an example of wind dynamics. A tropical storm was going through the Florida Straits and I and a few friends were walking along the Beach sidewalk. We came upon 2 simi high rise condos, (about 14 stories high), the two towers were facing each other on a 30 to 40 degree angle to each other with a pooll in between, (like an open ended wedge or a funnel), with an opening between them of about 30 feet on the street side. Like a funnel with the larger opening towards the ocean. Before we reached the condos in the open area facing the ocean, the winds were probably about 30 to 35 mph blowing directly into the beach. A stiff breeze to be sure but not enough to restrict us from walking. As we walked behind the first condo and came into the gap between the two buildings, the wind blew us to the ground we had to pull ourselves along an iron grill fence to get behind the protection of the second condo. I never forgot that experience..the wind had to be over 70mph to knock us over like it did. Now of course this was a 3 sided funnel there was no top to it, and I am sure a lot of the Mass was escaping upwards where there were no restrictions. Wind dynamics at play. I have been in many hurricaines since then and over 55 mph it is hard to stand up and walk, at 70mph it is almost impossible. So wind can be compressed by it's weight and mass to produce enhanced wind speeds on the small end of a funnel like reciever. I personally experience this wind modification that night in Fort Lauderdale in 1972. I think finding a feasable way to harness and multiply it's forces would be a fantastic way to generate clean readily available energy. The wind mills located on the present day wind farms..have too many moving parts..gearboxes that sapp energy from the friction involved in multiple gearing. The huge Blades have to be geared down to a rotating shaft that has to spin a dynamo at at least 1600 to 1800 Rpms to generate significant electricity. Where as with high wind velocities, a direct turbine with little or no gearing would be more efficient, less moving gears, less friction, more energy to convert to electricity. What do you think? I'll check back in tomorrow.