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Feb19-07, 09:51 PM
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Non carbon based Alternative renewable fuel sources..Ideas out side of the Box. #1. WIND POWER using a gigantic wind sock. A Wind Drome. Lets imagine a high tensil lightweight material 1000 feet across and 1000 feet high funneling down to an opening only 10 feet by 10 feet at the small end. ( supported by Helium dirigibles tethered with high strength cables, or towers with guidlines). The first 75 % of the structure would be the fabric the smaller 25% would be rigid with the outlet feeding a high speed turbine to a direct drive non geared Generator. louvers on the ridged structure would control the output of the wind velosity going into the turbine. It would make propeller driven windmills obsolete, because of the friction loss through gearing necessary to turn electrical generators at the speed required to produce power. These Wind Dromes could be located in mountain passes which naturally channel wind, or at locations of known constant wind and wind direction. They could be designed to rotate 45 degrees from center in either direction, left or right. I hear there is research going on right now on this same topic. Can anyone comment or direct me to the proper forum?
Hi, I applaude your interest in non-carbon renewable energy.
Here is an alternative plan: Take a windmill and make loys of compressed air, and store it under ground using the granite below as an high pressure air flask. Use the compressed air to run your car. The French and the Aussies have developed an efficient engine which utilizes highly compressed air.
Less than 5 minutes to tank up. No polution whatever. Sparkling performance.
You could drill into the granite for 1000 feet, send down a silicone balloon,
and under-cut the stone 20 feet below the surface for the assembled stop
port. There you have an air flask that will endure for many,many years.
No corrosion. You can do all kinds of things with compressed air.
In the future, compressed air will become an energy commodity like oil or electricity or gas.'s clean.
Just a thought.
Best regards, Dan