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Jan8-04, 01:47 PM
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Cool. Thank you! Now I am calculating about 8lbs. to open the door initially using the new CG values of 14.25 and -.5, and the spring force of 90lbs.

When the door is at 68, [tex]\inline{F_h}[/tex] is -51.35 lbs, which I assume means that I have to pull down with an initial force of 51.35lbs. in order to close the doors... I guess I'll have to go with 75lb. springs which will mean that I have to push up with an initial force of 11lbs. for ~12" until the springs "kick-in" at 22.25. Then to close the doors, I'll have to pull down with ~40lbs. of force... hmmm, that still seems like too much. Maybe I should create a moving lever that moves the lower spring mount point in a way which makes the required force to open and close the door are not so drastically different...

Thanks for your help krab.