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Apr7-07, 06:13 AM
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Thankyou very much for your reply, i should have said at the beginning that i'm not studying chemistry or anything and i only have a gcse in it so i'm about as smart as rodney . At the moment what i basicaly want to know is why the discrepancy between the reported pH values for lemon juice (2.3), and the calculator which gives 1.84 for 5% citric acid, also now you have done a calculation that gives 2.98.

I hope you can see my predicament, who's right:

a) the chemist (2.98)
b) the calculator (1.84)
c) the masses (2.3)

Also if only one is right why do the others get it wrong?

EDIT: You said citric acid has a basicity of 4, i can't find that on the wikipedia page you posted, are you saying its part acid part basic? i thought basicity was dependant upon concentration? sorry for the millions of questions but i think i'm more confused now than when i started! :)