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May1-07, 10:23 PM
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Yeah, MIT got the most outstanding Dean of Admissions in the school's history.

Truth is cronxeh, a degree means nothing as far as capabilities are concerned. Hate to fall back to the "Einstein" thing, but he only had an undergraduate degree and wasn't anywhere near the top of the class. But he had an extrordinary mind, just becuase he didn't excel in school or go on to get a higher education means nothing.

He didnt lie and tell everyone he was a genius to get the chicks in bed. And as far as this Dean is concerned, her work can be seen in the male:female ratio - MIT is famous for having 50%-50% of ratio, compare that to my Uni where there were only 18% females or Caltech where its 28%. Most tech schools have low male to female ratio, but oh wait here comes MIT - an anamoly of sorts, or should I say a forced evolutionary change where the undeserving get the spots over those who are eligible by merit. I'm not being sexist but perhaps she is? What an odd scenario : a high school grad who couldnt cut it in RPI is a Dean of Admission who levels the field by making it 50-50 for other females. Gee, thats odd, sounds like a good movie script or a summary of a deposition.

Oh wait I have a graph

7608 males applied, 10% admitted: 758. Number DENIED: 6850
2832 females applied, 26% admitteD: 736. Number DENIED: 2096

7669 males applied, 11.7% admitted: 898. Number DENIED: 6771
2797 females applied, 27.4% admitted: 767. Number DENIED: 2030

7651 males applied, 11.6% admitted: 885. Number DENIED: 6766
2898 females applied, 29.3% admitted: 850. Number DENIED: 2048

Thats roughly 20387 males rejected in a 3 year period, give or take those who reapplied. Doesnt it strike you odd that twice as many females were admitted than males? Sounds like a sexual discrimination with a motive. :
A spokesperson from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute reported on April 26, 2007 that Jones attended the institute as a "part-time, non- matriculating student" from September 1974 to June 1975 and did not receive a degree.[9] Spokespeople from Union College and from Albany Medical College both reported that there are no records of Jones ever attending either institution.[9] The same day, MIT confirmed that Jones did not hold a bachelor's degree from any institution.[10]

Wait did i get this right? She was there for Fall 74 and Spring 75 - thats 2 semesters, and part time means 6 credits but less than 12.. so thats 12-20 credits that she earned? Or maybe got a D? Thats 3-4 classes at most!! This chick is an even bigger fraud than GW Bush - at least he actually went to Harvard.

Hey Evo, how is this for rant: Go to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute today, take English101, Biology101, Chemistry101 and you can be a Dean of Admissions for a major private University! Make 170 grand a year and get to ruin lives of thousands of those nerds who used to be better than you in High School and College! Yeaah!