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May9-07, 08:55 AM
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First simplification: Consider a U-tube of ferromagnetic fluid, with a magnet at one end of the U, so that the fluid level differs on each side. Now, make a hole in the higher-level tube, and imagine whether the fluid will flow out (and down another tube to the lower-level side of the U)?
<< insulting comments edited out by berkeman >>

First: the idea is to find a simpler reasoning for this problem and not another one.
Second: replacing everyday water with a fluid that very few have ever seen and less still have had the possibility to play with, is not a simplification.

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Second simplification: Consider just a U-tube of water, tilted slightly sideways so that the water fills further along one side than the other. Now connect another tube between those two arms; will the water start circulating (from the fuller, lower arm, up the connecting tube, into the higher, emptier arm)?
I do not think that someone who is interested in the problem of this thread would be << deleted by berkeman >> to have a confusion with the non-problem you are exposing.

Once again, the fun is not to replace this physics problem with another more complicated or more << deleted by berkeman >> . The fun is to give the exact reasoning for this problem.