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All of these features are availible in Mathematica, so it is incorrect to say there is "no analogue" (in the sense that Matlab has no analogue for symbolic solutions of ODEs).
What are you talking about, man? Mathematica has no package for creating digital filters. If I'm wrong, prove it.

The Mathlink protocol can be used to establish two way communication between C++ apps and the mathematica kernel.
Okay, I'll concede this one.

In fact, I can pass models from Simulink into mathematica (I don't care for the diagram interface).
There are various mechanisms to make MATLAB talk to Mathematica, but that doesn't change the fact that, in isolation, Mathematica has nothing even resembling Simulink.

Mathematica has always had the ability to create real-time GUIs, but untill now it always required java (just as GUIDE requires C++)
You know what, Crosson? You have no idea what you're talking about. Why are you arguing this? You apparently know far too little about MATLAB to give it any fair comparison. GUIDE is MATLAB's graphical GUI development environment. It requires no C++, nor any kind of hand-coding.

and manual coding (unlike GUIDE) . The GUI creation system in mathematica 6 looks to be the most streamlined I have seen anywhere, but we will see.
The lack of competent GUI tools in Mathematica is a major handicap, and it always has been. I'm happy to see that Wolfram has decided to stop trying to sell the world on his deranged cellular automata obsession, and has instead decided to improve his software.

Your right, I was too stupid to realize that there is room for both products. I have been blinded by naively pure academic inclinations, without concern for brutal practicalities. Matlab is much cheaper, and much better suited to the field of engineering for ever reason: the engineers, the type of work they do, and the way they do it. It will take many more upgrades to Mathematica before it will begin encroach on this domain of application.
Are you actually rescinding your statement that Mathematica can do everything MATLAB can do? Or are you just being cheeky?

- Warren