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May9-07, 04:34 PM
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There's more going on here than just torque and power. 0 to 60 times can be affected by how much momentum is built up by the rotating mass of the engine and flywheel. The Camaro with rear wheel drive, and a lot of engine and flywheel mass, is going to get a lot of help with it's initial launch, regardless of the torque and power it makes. 1/4 miles would be a better indicator of power.
This is true, but the Civic is also lighter. It certainly isn't a perfect comparison, but it is the best I could think of. The extra traction of large rear drive wheels probably gives the Camaro an unfair advantage. Plus the fact that that figure is actually for the 190 HP Camaro rather than the throttle body 170 HP model, since I couldn't find a figure for it. Maybe an S2000 would have been better for comparison? But an S2000 really blows the Camaro away, and I didn't want to be accused of being anti-American biased.

Of course, more recent Camaros are much faster than the old ones, but that is largely because they have a much better HP figure, so they aren't so relevant to the discussion.