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May10-07, 01:57 PM
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By any reasonable measure, the Mathematica programming language is the most advanced in the world.
This gave me a chuckle. What languages are you comparing it against? What features make it so much better?

You could write a semantically intact compiler for a language like BASIC using less than 20 lines of Mathematica code.
I'd love to see this. Do you even understand what exactly the word 'compiler' means?

Our different ways of looking at the meaning of "built-in" and "part of a sytem" show the differences in the practical vs academic viewpoint. To me the Matlab symbolic functionality is not "part of Matlab" because it is an unplanned add-on licensed from a 3rd party (maplesoft).
It all comes in one box, and it gives you the same answer Mathematica would give you. What's wrong with it? Some sense of "design aesthetics" getting in your way? To me, Mathematica's syntax is a programmer's vision of hell -- it rails against my sense of design aesthetics. Yet I still feel that Mathematica is a very valuable program...

- Warren