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May23-07, 08:09 AM
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I am a 2nd year physics undergraduate. I realize that basically there are two types of sciences, one of them to develop technology with scientific knowledge while the other one to seek for fundamental understanding of the physical laws governing the universe.

I am passionate in doing the latter, which is to seek for a better understanding of the physical laws. My method for doing it will be developing theory or refining theory instead of doing experiments to verify or search for manifestation of physical laws. In short, I am passionate in theoretical physics.

I think to do a good theoretical physics one has to closely interact with excellent physicists around the world. However, for some reasons, I am not able to go abroad for physics study (graduate and post-doc) and can only stay in my own country in which stimulating scientific atmosphere is not here. Then, my question is, do you think this will be a big problem to me? Will it be sufficient if I interact with excellent physicists simply by means of conference and emails, instead of face-to-face interaction?

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