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Jun7-07, 02:45 PM
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im going to be taking 3000 level classes when i start at the uni
Sorry, but I don't understand that terminology.

What level are you right now? (In US terms: Are you in High School? College?)

Have you had university level undergrad courses already? Or do you just think you'd be gaining something by skipping the undergrad classes and substituting grad-level classes? (Why in the world would they let you do that?) If so, in my opinion: HUGE MISTAKE.

Unless you know that undergrad stuff inside and out, take the time and learn it right. Grad level classes will not usually waste time reviewing the basics--you will dive right in. If you are well beyond the average student in your mastery of the core curriculum--take advantage of that to really nail down the fine points while getting top grades. If you know that stuff cold you'll have plenty of time to dig into the details and master the tougher problems.