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Mr. Robin Parsons
Feb1-04, 07:35 AM
P: 1,560
DB perhaps you should have searched for what your refering to, prior to posting as what went on is simply an "Ajudication of Rights" child and parent/responcible party...It is not a simple thing to work out in words, and do you have a clue what people invent/makeup/figure out as to just how to get around the words that are used....='s massive amounts of red tape that we generate and create to try to exempt ourselves from that law....just that Justices, in courts, know/realize that the rules they make/follow/apply have to be for everyone...not just one person or satifactory for just one person....

Please, show us how it's done...(Insert your word play to stop, distinguish, between 'justifiable punishment' and 'abuse' how fast {God's Grace!} I can get around it)