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Sep17-07, 07:54 AM
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Loom, you are still in 12th, dont go after Landau just yet. Those are MSc level books. Read Halliday-Resnick, and some BSc level books. They should be enough. Landau is far more theoretical and difficult.
I'm interested in reading Landau, but for pleasure rather than preparing for an exam. My HR (1990 Wiley Eastern edition, reprint of 1967 original) does not have relativity. What BSc level book do you suggest? Do any of them bother to take the geometric approach?

I have a few GTR texts, like Wald, Missler-Thorn-Wheeler and Weinberg. But they mostly presuppose SR and are also mathematically dense. I tried to get into Wald but decided it was not advisable without first getting a mathematical viewpoint on the basic topology and geometry involved (Wald's explanation of the basics was sketchy, hurried and porous). I've found that it's usually a better idea to learn math from the mathematicians. When physicists try to teach math, they often try to pass off hand-waving as proofs (when they give any at all) which is rather confusing.